Faith and Interfaith in a Global Age

Marcus Braybrooke

144 pages, paperback

Conexus Press, 1998
ISBN: 0963789724

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Marcus Braybrooke, Raith and Interfaith in a Global Age

People of all faiths and spiritualities are waking up to the urgency and excitement of interfaith activity. In this book, Marcus Braybrooke, a leader in international interfaith activities, tells the story of this growing, world-wide movement which began with the 1893 World's Parliament of Religions, in Chicago. The author describes the background to the centennial events in 1993 and then focuses on developments in the movement's many organizations, through 1997. These include the International Interfaith Center in Oxford, the United Religions Initiative based in San Francisco, and plans for the 1999 Parliament of the World's Religions in Capetown, South Africa.

Dr. Braybrooke also surveys the movement's engagement with critical global issues, the Declaration "Toward a Global Ethic," the effects of religious plurality on global theology and spirituality, and the question of a world faith.


The author's wealth of knowledge and experience . . . make this new book so fascinating to read and such a valuable resource for those engaged in the search for interfaith understanding and for a new relationship between the religions of the world.

Dr. John Hick

The Rev. Marcus Braybrooke is a prolific writer, a pioneer research, and a leading light in the interfaith movement for the last thirty years. This book masterfully chronicles the movement, addresses its theological and practical problems, and identifies the movement's needs and possibilities in the emerging global society. The author recognizes the necessity of inter-religious understanding and believes that the time has come for the world's religions to work together in the service of humankind, for the greater glory of God. This fascinating and forward-looking book deserves world-wide attention.

Dr. K.L. Seshagiri Rao, Chief Editor, Encyclopedia of Hinduism and Indic Religions

Amid the hostilities of religions and the competition among inter-faith efforts, one person stands out as a source of fair judgement, sound scholarship, and supportive friendship for all. Marcus Braybrooke is that person. So when he add new words about the world of faiths, it is wise to pay heed.

The Reverend William E. Swing
Bishop of California and Chair, United Religions Initiative


Dr. Marcus BraybrookeThe Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke, an Anglican Vicar, is a prolific writer, pioneer researcher, and a leading light in the interfaith movement for the last thirty years. He has served for many years as an officer of the World Congress of Faiths and was formerly Executive Director of the Council for Christians and Jews. Even so, Marcus Braybrooke writes this survey in a very personable and accessible style, meant for the general reader as well as for students of contemporary religions and spiritual traditions.

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