Jun. 6, 2003
  Orlando Court Decision in Veil Case Permits Government to Needlessly Restrict Religious Freedom Without Enhancing Security
May 22, 2003   Court: Schools Cannot Bar Literature with Religious Content
Jan. 7, 2002
  ACLU of Pennsylvania Supports Congregation's Fight for Religious Freedom
Nov. 2, 2001
  ACLU Asks U.S. Appeals Court to Defer to Guam High Court on Rastafarianís Right to Use Marijuana for Religious Purposes
Apr. 8, 2001   Amish Buggies, Traffic Law Clash
Jul. 11, 2000
  Suspending Rastafarian Police Officer for Wearing Dreadlocks Violates Religious Liberty
Jun. 2, 2000
  Texas High Schoolers Accused of Threat to Hang Jewish Student
Feb. 9, 2000
  Prisoner's Right to Keep Rosary to be Decided by Court
Jul. 20, 1999   ACLU Defends Religious Freedom Of West Virginia Minister
Jul. 16, 1999   ACLU of Utah to Join Polygamists in Bigamy Fight
Jul. 2, 1999
  Wiccan Priestess Granted License to Preside Over Wedding Ceremonies

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