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THE PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY PRESS was created to provide literature, websites, and materials in other media for making genuine spirituality and spiritual practice available to the general public. Other websites created by The Practical Spirituality Press are listed below. For more information about the books published by The Practical Spirituality Press, click here.

The Spiritual MasterThe Spiritual Master The highest human potential is God-Realization, the complete awakening from this "dream" of limited existence, as the One in Whose Consciousness the dream is arising. And the way to perfect Realization of God is through a moment-to-moment process of communing with God, by feeling God and self, and feeling beyond self to God. But how does one find and feel God for real? All the wisdom traditions of humankind point to a single answer: we locate God (either partially or fully) through the Transmission of a Spiritual Master. So the "how" of Realizing God actually has a simple answer: find a genuine Spiritual Master who transmits the Divine Reality, and become a devotee of His or Her Spiritual Transmission.

Five Minute Life ChangersFive Minute Life Changers Got only FIVE minutes? FIVE MINUTES – spent considering the right subject in the right way – can change the course of your life.

Beyond BelievingBeyond Believing Why settle for believing in God, or even for some "spiritual experiences" now and then, when the tangible, ego-melting, suffering-dissolving Revelation of Real God, pervading, washing, and dissolving "you" again and again (through a lifetime of Spiritual practice), would utterly transform your life, and fulfill your heart's otherwise unendingly unfulfilled desire for perfect happiness?

The COTEDA InstituteThe COTEDA Institute The COTEDA Institute works toward creating global progress, global agreements, and global harmony on the basis of three spiritual principles:

The COTEDA principle: COoperation through Transcending Ego and through Divine Assistance

The TOTEDA principle: TOlerance through Transcending Ego and through Divine Assistance

The PECOTO principle: PEace (and global accord altogether) through self-transcending, spiritually aided COoperation and TOlerance

The Practical Spirituality LibraryThe Practical Spirituality Library The books from the Practical Spirituality Press draw upon hundreds of other references in the literature of spirituality, religion, science, philosophy, history, etc. The Practical Spirituality Library is an annotated list of these references.

About AdidamAbout Adidam In an age adamantly committed to the viewpoint and life of materialism, Avatar Adi Da Samraj has appeared like a Storm of fresh rain in a Spiritual desert, offering all the opportunity for Perfect Happiness through Divine Realization, by practicing the Way of Adidam. Like all the great and true Spiritual Masters from Gautama Buddha to Jesus of Nazareth what Adi Da has brought into the world is not merely a new belief system or another set of spiritual techniques or religious rituals. Like the great Spiritual Masters of past ages, Adi Da Samraj's primary offering is an extraordinary and very tangible Spiritual Transmission, that directly Communicates the Greater Reality Itself.

Comparative Spirituality 101Comparative Spirituality 101 Taken together, all the great wisdom traditions around the world and throughout history offer a wide variety of views on (and experiences of) the nature of the Greater Reality and human potential in the context of the Greater Reality. On this site, we make sense of and compare the differing views. We place particular emphasis on the views of materialism, esoteric spirituality, and exoteric religion.

The Institute for Real GodThe Institute for Real God – The Institute for Real God was created for the purpose of making genuine spirituality and spiritual practice accessible to as many people as possible. It offers a genuine alternative to the most familiar options of our time:

  • conventional religion – We emphasize learning to find God for real, rather than settling for belief only, as members of many traditional religions are taught to do.
  • piecemeal, "do it yourself" spirituality – Our focus is on practices that are systematic in bringing about genuine Spiritual Realization. This, rather than the piecemeal practices and experiences one often finds in many "New Age" circles.
  • scientific materialism – Unlike scientific materialism, we do not exclude the spiritual or the subjective from our study of Reality. We focus on spiritual practices that are based on the full nature of Reality and that can thus identify and realize the greatest human potential.

The Ascent of Orpheus The Ascent of Orpheus: Between and Beyond Representation and Abstraction is an exhibition of the art of Adi Da Samraj at the Bargello National Museum, Florence, Italy, 9 July - 11 October, 2015. This official exhibition site is also a moderated forum for discussion of the themes and issues raised by the the exhibition.


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